Tesla Stock Has Another Disastrous December

Teslas shares fell over 3 percent during the first hours of Wednesdays trading

with Teslas ticker page remaining one of Yahoo Finances most-visited pages,

as fans of the brand have grown increasingly restive.

Tesla shares are down 18% thus far in December, according to Yahoo Finance data, and are down more than 50% thus far in 2022.

The slide, which some analysts blamed on falling gas prices dampening demand for the all-electric cars Tesla makes,

has driven Tesla below $200 for the first time since June.

Tesla saw its stock drop nearly one-third between the announcement of Elon Musks purchase of Tesla stock and

its final step inside its San Francisco offices following Elon Musks closing of the Twitter venture.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk reiterated his belief in Tesla, saying that long-term, it would be a good thing, even as a slide in stock prices continued to impact shares.