Tesla Unveils New Biggest Megapack Project In Europe

A Tesla Megapack battery energy storage system with capacity for 98MWh/196MWh has gone online in the UK,

Making it Europes largest such facility in terms of megawatt-hours.

To enable cleaner power storage and to bring more renewables onto the grid, the Deux-Acres project has installed 40 Tesla Megapacks,

Making it one of the largest battery storage systems on mainland Europe.

 The first of these projects was an installation of energy storage system made up of three lithium-ion batteries

The batteries based on Tesla Megapacks, which arrived at Dunamenti power station September 9.

Three lithium-ion batteries based on Tesla Megapacks arrived at Dunamenti power station September 9.

Both are battery storage systems, but they are a different chemical composition than those used in Tesla cars.

 Megapacks are used for large-scale energy storage (aka utility-scale), usually as an add-on and aid to integration of solar and wind projects.

 Tesla Megapack is described by Tesla Energy as a utility-scale energy storage product, suited to power plants and utilities.

The battery storage facility has 78 Tesla Megapacks total, with maximum capacity of 98MW and capacity of 196MWh; figures which,

 According to the team in charge of the facility, would enable it to provide service for 300,000 residents over a period of two hours.