Are Tesla's Electric Cars Better Than Mercedes- Benz's?

Mercedes-opulent Benz's EV hatchback, despite its tardy participation in the e-mobility revolution,

The greatest EV in the world, according to the German auto magazine Auto Motor und Sport, is the EQS.

Mercedes-new Benz's EV has surpassed the previous champion, the Tesla Model 3 Long Range, by 77 miles to claim the title of longest-range EV evaluated by Edmunds.

We will contrast the Mercedes-Benz EQS with the all-wheel-drive, long-range Tesla Model S because the Mercedes-Benz EQS is fast, but not by much fast.

The Tesla Model S might pass for a high-end vehicle even if it is not a luxury vehicle.

Additionally, compared to Tesla Model X, Mercedes EQS offers a longer range per charge.

which would be a better, more tangible metric expected of EV owners.

The S-class EQS from German automakers, now in the lead among the group's high-end luxury EVs,

costs between 16 and 17kWh per 100km, though it is typically more expensive under real-world circumstances.

Both vehicles have a comparable long list of standard features and are loaded with driver-assistance technology.

However, the EQS 4matic+ sedan from Mercedes-AMG has some extras that the Plaid does not, like as soft-close doors and a massaging seat.

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