The most frequent problems with the Toyota Rav4 in 2022

Data from Car Issue Zoo, which monitors complaints sent to the NTSA's website,

shows that transmission problems are the most often reported RAV4 problems.

Similar problems are really being reported by a lot of owners, thus it's possible that Toyota's design of the RAV4 is to blame.

Despite the owner pressing hard on the brake pedal, one owner said the car had an issue speeding up on its own.

Many owners claim that the Toyota RAV4 starts losing power after reaching speeds between

10 and 35 miles per hour in addition to having a check engine light that flashes on a regular basis.

Due to an issue with coolant loss in some 2020 RAV4 engines,

Toyota issued a recall and gave select RAV4 owners a free replacement engine and engine block.

According to evaluations by Car & Driver, MotorTrend, and Edmunds,

the 2022 Toyota RAV4's unclean engine is one of its worst attributes.

Although replacing is often an expensive fix, the 2020 Toyota RAV4 does not have this issue,

so if you are seeking to purchase the most recent model, you shouldn't have to worry about it.