The Toyota Rav4's most typical issues for 2022

According to data from Car Issue Zoo, which tracks complaints to NTSAs site,

transmission issues are the most frequently reported issue with the RAV4.

Many owners are actually reporting similar issues, and so these may well be Toyotas fault with the design of the RAV4.

One owner reported the vehicle had a problem with speeding up on its own,

despite the owner pressing down on the brake pedal.

Many owners report that, in addition to having a routinely flashing check engine light

after reaching speeds of between 10 and 35 miles per hour, Toyotas RAV4 begins experiencing a power loss.

Some 2020 RAV4s had an engine problem, with coolant loss,

which led to Toyota issuing a recall offering some RAV4 owners an entirely new engine and engine block at no cost.

The unkempt engine is among the lowest points for the 2022 Toyota RAV4 according to reviews by Car and Driver, MotorTrend, and Edmunds.

While replacing is usually a costly repair, this is not among the 2020 Toyota RAV4s problems,

so you should not need to worry about this problem if you are looking to buy the latest model.