The Windows On The Tesla Semi Have An Odd And Annoying Problem

According to a driver who looked through the pages of several semi-truck manufacturers,

Tesla is the only company that produces semi-trucks with windows that open like hatches.

We Tesla drivers can never fully do away with this because it is a safety function,

 but there is a way to make it a bit less obnoxious.

 In a recent event, when the Tesla Model X was stopped in the middle of the road with a truck passing by,

this capacity caused all doors to open automatically.

One is the ability to have all doors, whether they are Falcon Wing doors or not, open automatically.

One such Easter egg is that the Tesla cars' top-opening doors include a music-playing option that causes the doors to swing like wings.

The toggle does not properly close the windows until after the windows have been fully opened,

 which requires repeatedly opening and closing the doors.

The window continues to droop ever-so-slightly until the door is fully opened if I continually open and close it.

In other words, a Tesla Semi would use nearly the same amount of energy during a truck driver's lunch hour that an average North American home does in one month.

Multiple Blue Rings
Multiple Blue Rings

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