In 2022, Tiger Woods played a total of nine rounds of golf in three major championships.

Since 2020, he hasn't participated in a PGA event. Still, according to Rory McIlroy,

that was more than enough to ensure that he won the Player Impact Program (PIP) for the second consecutive year.

The Associated Press was informed by No. 1 golfer in the world McIlroy that Woods had secured the title.

McIlroy told the AP he placed No. 2 in the PIP rankings and said, "Hey, I gave him a pretty good run.

The PGA Tour established the PIP in order to reward players who generate the most interest in the sport,

and Woods won the inaugural edition in March after Mickelson had earlier tweeted that he had already won the year-long PIP.

That also seems to have given him the advantage this time. The PIP measurement period was modified to be Oct.1 through Sept. 3,

although the initial PIP's awarding period was from March to Dec. 31 and it ran until that date.

Woods might not be able to win the PIP for a third time in 2019. Next year, competitors must compete in at least 20 events,

including 12 "elevated" competitions. We'll have to wait and see if Woods' body gives him that chance.

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