Has Floyd Mayweather made a $2 billion offer to purchase an NBA team ?

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Floyd Mayweather, better known by his ring handle "Money,"

lived up to his moniker; as the finest boxer of his day, he made a lot of money.

The legend is now prepared to spend it to purchase an NBA team.

At a recent public event, Mayweather declared that he was attempting to

purchase an NBA team and has made a $2 billion offer for one.

The Phoenix Suns are the lone NBA franchise that is reportedly up for sale, and

the asking price for that team will be far more than $2 billion (some estimates suggest double that number).

Mayweather claims to have the cash. He claimed that his net worth was over $1.2 billion a year ago,

but as there is no official way to track these things, it may have been greater or lower.

In any case, given the cost of NBA teams today, he'll probably need to

recruit additional investors as $2 billion will be the low end of a sale price.