MLB baseball: Aaron Judge meets with  Giants and may receive an offer shortly

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Although the Thanksgiving holiday is approaching, action on the hot stoves won't stop.

Over the years, several signings and deals have been completed over the long weekend .

The Giants' top free agent, Aaron Judge, visited with team officials, including ownership,

on Tuesday in San Francisco, according to MLB Network's Jon Morosi.

By the end of the Winter Meetings in two weeks, Judge might sign a formal offer that

Morosi predicts would arrive later this week. Judge has only had meetings with the Giants and, naturally, the Yankees thus far.

Joc Pederson, an outfielder for the Giants, is contributing to the effort to sign the prevailing AL MVP

Let it be known that the Giants will play the Yankees in the opening game of the 2023 regular season in New York.

Judge is probably going to be at Yankee Stadium on the first day of the upcoming season.

What kind of uniform will he have on? We'll discover it in due time..