Atlanta Falcons vs Washington Commanders: NFL Playoff implications for both teams

By Pragya kumar Bilagar

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After beating Houston 23-10 in Week 11, Washington improved to 6-5 overall and

moved up to eighth place, where only seven teams go to the playoffs.

The Falcons (5-6) will visit FedEx Field on Sunday. Even a cursory look at their record informs Commanders fans

that both teams would finish the game at 6-6 if they lost to the Falcons.

As the head-to-head winner in this scenario, the Falcons would have the advantage going forward.

The Commanders will unavoidably be enticed to think about their upcoming matchup with the Giants in Week 13.

They just cannot, however, afford to make that error. What the Commanders can manage, they must manage.

They must complete the assignment given to them and defeat the Falcons on Sunday.

With a victory, the Commanders' record would improve to 7-5, cutting the Giants' (7-4) advantage over Washington to just one game.