Broncos vs Panthers: Baker Mayfield or Sam Darnold who to start at quarterback on Sunday

By Pragya kumar Bilagar

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Denver Panthers made another quarterback change after doing everything necessary to win in Baltimore

Sam Darnold will start at home this week against the Broncos, according to interim coach Steve Wilks,

making him the third quarterback to start a game this year and the fourth QB to take the field.

The options were to use Darnold or keep Baker Mayfield as the starter as PJ Walker is

still recovering from a high ankle injury he sustained against the Falcons.

, Mayfield threw two interceptions late and never produced enough offense.

After Sunday's 13-3 loss to the Ravens, this week, Baker Mayfield will serve as Darnold's backup.

Last season, Darnold started 11 games for the Panthers and was effective early on as they started the year 3-0.

However, due to injuries to running back Christian McCaffrey and an often shifting offensive line,

he battled through the middle of the season until suffering a shoulder injury that caused him to miss five games.