Deshaun Watson booed on NFL return after an 11-game suspension for sexual misconduct

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On his NFL return  after 700 days away, Deshaun Watson was booed as

he made his debut for the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.

Watson faced jeers before taking each snap in the first half of his first game back after

an 11-game suspension for sexual misconduct. Watson made his Cleveland debut against

the Houston Texans, where he was a three-time Pro Bowl selection over four seasons.

The NFL sought to suspend Watson for at least a season, but

settled for 11 games after an independent arbitrator initially issued a six-game suspension.

In requesting the full sentence, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell cited retired US District Judge Sue Robinson,

who called Watson's behavior "egregious" and "predatory."

Watson was also fined $5 million and ordered to receive professional counseling and rehabilitation.

Watson has maintained his innocence while apologizing to the women who have raised allegations against him.