On Wednesday night, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray responded to former teammate -

Patrick Peterson after the Minnesota Vikings cornerback insulted Murray on his podcast.

Peterson and his co-host, former NFL cornerback Bryant McFadden, were debating if Cardinals coach -

Kliff Kingsbury would be the "scapegoat" for a disastrous season in Arizona.

The Cardinals are currently 4-8 and on their bye week.

"This isn't true...you on some weird sh-- @P2 you got my number, if you really felt like this as

a 'big bro' or 'mentor' you supposed to call me and tell me, not drag me so your podcast can grow...."

In 2019 and 2020, Peterson and Murray were teammates.In the run-up to Peterson's remarks,

McFadden stated that Murray should keep some of his opinions secret.