Von Miller's Thanksgiving Day game against the Detroit Lions was cut short as

he suffered a knee injury during the game that forced him to leave the game.

Miller had a torn ACL, which was causing immediate concern.

Miller would have been relieved to find that he did not have a torn ACL and may return during the regular season.

The pass rusher has even highlighted the game on his calendar where he wants to make his comeback:

Buffalo Bills pass rusher Von Miller said about his injury that “So I’m going to wait a little,

let the swelling go down for about 7-10 days and hopefully right before the Jets game, I will be back"

The Bills will face the New York Jets in Week 14 of the 2022 regular season on December 11th.

While Miller has indicated that he may return for the Bills' game against the New York Jets,

the team may elect to sideline the veteran pass rusher in order to assure his availability for the playoffs.