The US Soccer Team was not expected to compete with the England Football Team.

Before the game, there was even a wager that football would stay football if England won or soccer if the USMNT won.

Christian Pulisic demonstrated how far the United States has come in the last two decades.

The Three Lions have long been considered a World Cup contender, but they struggled against the USA.

Americans have always tried to distinguish themselves by calling it soccer, but the rest of the world refers to it as football.

With today's exhibition, many attending fans, including Chad Ochocinco, continued to chant "it's called soccer"

in order to mock England fans. Perhaps it's a little early to start calling it soccer all over the world;

there are still many teams far more powerful than the USMNT.

However, Americans should be proud of themselves for becoming a problem for the country that invented the sport.

Outside of the United States, it will still be called football, but any American will now be able to call it soccer anywhere in the globe.