In America, fast food is a huge industry. The industry, which includes both national chains and local specialties, was valued at $331.4 billion as of June 2022.

The most well-liked fast food franchises in America are depicted in this Truman Du graphic using information from the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Magazine.

With more locations than the rest of the sandwich brands combined, Subway comes in #1 with over 20,000 locations nationwide.

The success of Subway is evident in its sales numbers as well; in 2021, Subway made over $9.4 billion in revenue, nearly double that of its closest competitor Arby's.

Second on the list is Starbucks, with more than 15,000 stores across America. Despite a rough 2020,

the coffee chain managed to turn things around in 2021, making more than $24 billion in sales that year.

The iconic burger joint McDonald’s comes in third, with more than 13,000 restaurants across the country.

While the restaurant has fewer stores than Starbucks and Subway,

it generated $46 billion in 2021 sales, which is more than Subway and Starbucks combined

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