What Ai Technology Does Tesla Use?

Taking on Computer Vision Problems At Thursdays Tesla AI Day, Tesla once again championed its vision-based approach to autonomy,

a method that uses neural networks to make a vehicle capable, ideally, of driving itself everywhere on Earth through its Autopilot system.

At a press event,  Tesla CEO Elon Musk said wringing even more productivity from the computer systems  used to train the companys neural networks

It would be critical for making advances in self-driving.

It would be critical for making advances in self-driving.

The current artificial intelligence tech that Tesla is the tech leader using in its cars is based on unsupervised machine learning.

To get cars to become fully autonomous, Tesla has had to gather the correct data for training algorithms and feeding its AI.

 Other companies working on autonomous vehicles are using synthetic  data like the driving behavior of video games in  games such as Grand Theft Auto

 and synthetic data is (for instance) vastly inferior to the real-world data Tesla uses to train its self-driving algorithms.

which offers a suite of features allowing cars to drive themselves without input from a driver,

 and is being tested by 160,000 vehicles in public roads as part of its beta.

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