What All Can You Do On Tesla Screen?

In the Tesla, you will find some of the most fascinating features of any vehicle,

 Ranging from streaming video, such as Netflix, to live video feeds from inside the vehicle as it parks.

 There is not a luxury-car brand more geared toward using touchscreens to operate than Tesla.

 The company has gone all-in in this area, and although there are basic climate controls and media controls available via a steering wheel,

We did not find ourselves feeling especially insecure while operating simple functions via a touch screen.

Tesla is not yet a fully autonomous vehicle, meaning drivers might have to take over at any moment, and they do not need access to the video games.

 Much like Support, Tesla forbids owners to play video games while their vehicle is in Drive.

While most cars require keys to boot and drive, Tesla vehicles use a unique Pin-to-Drive function.

The latest versions of the Teslas touchscreen have added PIN-to-drive, in which drivers need to input the PIN into the screen before the vehicle can drive or operate.

Teslas new cars are the Model 3 and the Model Y; they both feature the same sparse cabin,

 with a single central screen controlling everything you need to do, from starting up the car and playing music to finding driving directions.