What Are the Differences Between the 2022 and 2023 Tesla Model 3?

Although media sites are suggesting that the new electric car would receive some updates in 2023

Tesla has not yet publicly disclosed any adjustments it will be making to the Model 3.

Tesla has reportedly already started making Model 3s and Model Xs for California's 2023 model year

with Model Ys and Model S presumably continuing for the 2022 model year.

Tesla's 2023 Model 3 is expected to make its public premiere some time in the winter of that year

according to Edmunds, but customers won't likely receive their new luxurious electric car until months later.

In an effort to reduce production costs and increase the appeal of its five-year-old electric automobile, Tesla is undoubtedly working on an improved Model 3.

The Performance package adds 20-inch grey wheels, improved brakes, a lowered ride height, a Track driving mode,

a carbon-fiber lip spoiler, and aluminum-alloy pedals to the five-seat Tesla Model 3 sedan.

With features like a lower suspension, premium 13-speaker audio, a carbon-fiber rear spoiler

and 20-inch alloy wheels, Tesla's fully equipped Performance Model 3 in 2023 will feel much more aggressive.