What Caused the  Demise of the Dodge Ram?

A Ram brand was established a few  years ago to distinguish Dodge automobiles from the original Ram pickup trucks.

 After the 2011 model year, Dodge Ram was discontinued, and the 2012 pickup was the first to have the Ram moniker.

Ram Trucks, which is currently offered  under the Ram  moniker, was founded in 2010 as

 a subsidiary of Chrysler under the Dodge Ram pickup line name.

The manager of Chrysler's Denver corporate centre and the chief sales  officer of the company's American operations,

 Fred Diaz Jr., will oversee the management of the Dodge Ram truck brand.

 Ram is free to focus  only on producing better  trucks and utility  vehicles, resulting in models of greater calibre.

Dodge will continue to produce its own cars, focusing on muscle cars, SUVs, and minivans, while Ram will be the sole company to  produce trucks.

In 2022, you could choose between two engines that were also offered in Dodge SUVs and muscle cars when you bought a Ram 1500 truck.

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