What Company Supplies Tesla Batteries?

CATL supplies Tesla, an electric car maker, with batteries for vehicles that Tesla builds in its Shanghai facility.

Tesla makes its own batteries, as well as getting them through supply deals with companies

 including with these-  CATL, LG Energy Solutions, and Panasonic (PCRFY) in China.

The two companies first entered a supply deal in 2009, and while Japanese conglomerate Panasonic is no longer Teslas sole battery supplier,

the Japanese firm continues to make large volumes of batteries for Tesla.

Panasonic is still Teslas most significant battery partner, its largest volume supplier, involved in every vehicle in the market, and the production partner for Teslas Nevada-based Gigafactory.

 The company boasts long-term supply contracts with top battery manufacturers

and OEMs such as Tesla, Panasonic, LG Chem, Volkswagen, Samsung, and more recently, BMW.

CATL is one of these major suppliers, providing the LFP batteries in Teslas cars,

which keeps Teslas manufacturing costs down in an age where the prices of metals such as nickel and cobalt have soared.

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