What Do Truck Drivers Think Of The Tesla Semi Truck?

In other words, during the course of one drivers lunchtime commute the Tesla Semi will consume about

 as much power as an average North American home uses over the course of a one-month period.

What is more likely to happen is that the driver will operate a Tesla Semi-Truck when

 within the confines of the city, and then let the autonomous truck take over when on the freeway.

Not only is automaker Full Self-Driving obviously unprepared for having nobody behind the wheel

but truck drivers also have a lot more than driving.

The Nikola One is faster to speed up, faster to brake, and it is truly a revolutionary  improvement over the current experience of driving a semi.

As far as going uphill at full load, a diesel-powered current truck gets to 45 miles an hour on a 5% grade

 his Semi would get 65 miles an hour on that same grade.