What Does The New Prototype Model 3 Feature?

Due to mishaps, embarrassing situations, and other factors, it had kind of become inescapable

since Tesla handed free the radar technology they had been employing.

However, that isn't the weirdest feature of this 2024 Model 3 prototype.

Even if the fabric on the front and back of the car makes a valiant effort to

pass for a standard Model 3, the keen Tesla fan can see through it.

This prototype's headlights appear to be much altered.

The headlamps' shape is a little bit lengthened, stretched out, and more out onto the fenders.

And it makes sense given that the entire front end of the car appears different in these images and videos of the prototype.

To increase the car's aerodynamics, it has a somewhat more pointed appearance,

which is a good change that will significantly increase range.

In actuality, this is a significant event for Tesla supporters.

Teslas have always had the same distinctive body shape, but with these recent, significant revisions, it is causing a stir.