What Does the New Tesla Model 3's Chill Mode Do?

To give you an idea of how this can actually affect your driving experience, we've attached a test video with Chill mode

driven by well-known Tesla/EV evangelist Bjorn Nylander in his Tesla Model X P90DL.

Tesla claims that the Chill mode is ideal for a smoother ride and for passengers

who are more relaxed in a message regarding a software update.

Tesla's electric Model S and Model X vehicles now include a "Chill Mode."

Its electric vehicles' ability to accelerate quickly is mitigated by the Model S and Model X models.

DragTimes discovered that the Tesla Model S's performance in Standard Mode achieves 0-60 mph 

in just under 4 seconds when testing the new Chill Mode.

Regular drivers can now enjoy the journey more because 

they won't need to prepare for the rapid acceleration

that your Tesla's standard mode produces. You can alternate between 

standard and Tesla's chill mode in addition to other

driving-related functions like steering mode and Regenerative Braking settings (Low and Standard).