What Does The Tesla Semi Truck Run On?

After years in the making, the Tesla all-electric semi truck has completed its 500-mile test drive.

Equipped with multiple electric motors providing max torque,

 the acceleration of the Tesla Semi (0-60mph in 20 seconds) is perfect for carrying hefty loads over steep terrain.

Tesla guarantees the Tesla Semi will not fail in one million miles, as it is able to operate with only two of the four independent motors.

 Even if two of its four motors do fail, Teslas semi-electric truck will still function, and will outrun diesel trucks for acceleration and range.

 For starters, the electric truck is a fully-loaded semi truck, which does not have one million gears--it has just one.

As far as going uphill at full weight, a diesel truck today achieves 45 miles per hour on a 5% grade; his semi would hit 65 miles per hour on that same grade.