What Does The Tesla Semi Truck Sound Like?

I think that Teslas semi-electric truck prototype, which is being driven on the back with the trailer, is now among the most interesting sounds in EVs.

This Tesla Semi acceleration is probably the strangest, coolest thing you will hear today,

 due to just how fast this thing is going to get to speeds relative to regular large trucks.

CEO Elon Musk noted the Tesla Semi will be able to reach highway speeds in around 20 seconds when fully loaded,

 nowhere near the speed of an ordinary Tesla, such as a Model 3, but much quicker than the average diesel-powered truck.

Hyperbole and lofty promises are what you would expect when Elon Musk is pushing a new product, and from his description of the Tesla Semi,

 soon to arrive, the billionaire entrepreneur is confident that it will be able to disrupt the heavy-duty trucking market.

Ending any suspense, Elon Musk delivered his biggest unveiling yet of the Teslas electric tractor-trailer effort at California, and the wider world.

 Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Dan Priestley, senior Tesla engineering manager for tractors, also boasted about new megawatt-scale superfast chargers

 to use for quick recharges of truck batteries, though they did not reveal how long its Semi trucks will need to recharge.