What Else Does The 2024 Model 3 Prototype Feature?

Although less evident, the photographs from the back of the car also show that

Tesla's engineers and designers have given the back of the car significant attention.

The 2024 Model 3 Prototype's taillights are also said to be getting an overhaul,

which seems quite feasible given the images of the car's backside and

the fact that it is also covered in the same fabric as the front of the vehicle..

One aspect of the Model 3 Prototype's interior that

disappointed ardent Tesla enthusiasts was that it appeared unchanged.

Before the news of the upgraded body features was ever released,

the promised interior overhaul was among the biggest news to rock the Tesla fan community. Since then,

Tesla enthusiasts haven't been slow to share pictures of Teslas in motion with their front

and rear ends completely wrapped in fabric car bras, giving everyone a very early 2000s vibe.