What Fuel Runs The Tesla Semi Truck?

The 500-mile test run for the Tesla all-electric semi truck has been accomplished after years of development.

Multiple electric motors giving maximum torque are installed.

The Tesla Semi's 0-60 mph in 20 second acceleration is ideal for moving heavy cargo across challenging terrain.

Due to its ability to function with just two of its four independent motors, Tesla promises that the Tesla Semi won't break down in one million kilometres.

Tesla's semi-electric vehicle will still work even if two of its four motors fail and will outperform diesel trucks in terms of acceleration and range.

To begin with, the electric truck is a fully loaded semi truck with just one gear instead of a million.

A diesel vehicle today can travel 45 miles per hour upward at full weight on a 5% incline; his semi can travel 65 miles per hour uphill on the same grade.