What Is A Dodge Charger Better Than?

All variants come standard with rear-wheel drive, and the Genesis G80  sports an 8-speed transmission, exactly as Chevy's Camaro.

The Dodge Challenger is a superior car for those who are concerned with performance

 and handling when combined with these potent performance options.

However, their beginning prices are often comparable, with the basic Challenger starting at

 just over $30,000 and the Dodge Charger at just over $31,000.

 Even though the Dodge Charger and Challenger are built on the  same base, they are two quite different American vehicles.

With 310 horsepower, the four-cylinder engine is far more potent than the Dodge Challenger.

The Lincoln MKZ's 2-liter flat-four generates 245 horsepower,

which is about as powerful as the Dodge Charger but less potent than the Chevrolet Camaro.

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