What Is Chill Mode In A Tesla Model 3?

If you enjoy the feeling of rapid acceleration, or you are not flooring a Tesla yet, then what is the point in turning off chill mode,

 as you are not going to need the chill mode. Many Tesla drivers have reported that chill mode is really useful if you are driving through slippery situations such as ice, snow, and rain.

This is because Teslas chill mode lowers the immediate torque as you push the accelerator and allows you to better control the car.

 As expected, if you push the accelerator pedal all the way down when you are in Teslas Chill mode,

 this works to restrict the cars power, something that is not true when you are in standard mode.

 While testing out the new mellow-drive mode on the Tesla Model S, DragTimes found that its standard-mode acceleration hit 0-60 mph in a little less than 4 seconds.

While Tesla did not develop Chill mode for increased range, there is some possibility that owners could be getting a bit more range out of their Teslas by using it properly.