What Is Chill Mode In New Tesla Model 3?

We have included below a test video with Chill mode, performed by well-known Tesla/EV evangelist Bjorn Nylander,

in his Tesla Model X P90DL, for a sense of how this can really impact your driving experience.

In a notification about a software update, Tesla says that the Chill mode is perfect for

a more fluid ride, as well as for passengers who are more relaxed.

Tesla has introduced a "Chill Mode" to its Model S and Model X electric vehicles.

Its Model S and Model X electric vehicles, which mitigates the quick acceleration capabilities of its electric vehicles.

While testing out the new Chill Mode on the Tesla Model S, DragTimes found that its acceleration on Standard Mode hits 0-60 mph in a little less than 4 seconds.

The mellow mode means regular drivers are better able to enjoy the ride,

not having to brace for the quick acceleration that your Teslas standard mode delivers.

AAAmong other drive-related features, like steering mode and Regenerative Braking settings (Low and Standard), you can switch between standard and Teslas chill mode.

As expected, pressing down on the accelerator while in Chill mode works to restrict the cars power, something that is not true when in Standard mode.

When in Teslas Chill mode, even pressing the accelerator all the way down only provides about 50% of the cars normal speed.

If you enjoy the feeling of fast acceleration, or you are not flooring a Tesla yet, then what is the point in turning off the chill mode as you will not need chill mode.