How Much Money Will Tesla Make On Each Model 3 Sold?

Forbes recently broke down the earnings of each Tesla vehicle delivered during Q3,

 following the companys Q3 earnings report, which reported a $3.3B net profit, with a $21.45B Q3.

 We should also note that about $51 is only an approximate figure, since Tesla produced more vehicles than they delivered for the last quarter.

About 5x is as much as it was a year ago as well  though we completely ignore James Stevensons projections that Teslas per-vehicle profits would keep growing.

If Tesla (TSLA.O) hits or beats these analysts projections, then does Teslas own manufacturing projections,

 then it would sell roughly 1.4 million vehicles worldwide in 2022.

Teslas gross margins are among the highest in the industry, as Tesla only costs $36,000, on average, to make one of Teslas electric cars.