What Is Cost Of a Fully Loaded 2023 Tesla Model 3 ?

In 2023, the base Model 3 Tesla Model 3 EV will cost $46,990, and the Performance model will cost $62,990.

A Tesla Model 3 may cost as much as $63,490 when equipped with extras

like a black-and-white interior, sports wheels, red paint, and autonomous driving capabilities.

Tesla's Model 3 Performance is currently priced beyond $60,000

yet it is still less expensive than the long-range Model Y after several price rises.

A Plyde costs $150,190 when fully loaded, while the base Model S Long Range costs $110,190.

Both prices include $1,200 in destination fees. If you don't already have space for a charging station for the new Tesla,

the Model 3 Performance can cost up to $82,990 when fully loaded.

The base long-range Model Y, Tesla's small SUV, costs $54,190 and can go up to 326 miles

according to EPA estimates, on a single charge of its battery pack.