What Is The Cost Of A New 2023 Tesla Roadster ?

Supercar powered by batteries is called the Tesla Roadster.

The fact that the Tesla Roadster has four seats while the Lotus Elise only

has two is one of the main distinctions between the two vehicles. Two-seaters are the

standard for roadsters, but Tesla wouldn't be Tesla if it didn't defy convention.

The Roadster was the first EV using lithium-ion battery packs that

was street-legal and produced in large quantities. It was also the first electric vehicle in

production that could drive more than 200 miles on a single charge.

In other words, the Roadster serves as the prototype for all subsequent Tesla vehicles.

And if Elon Musk can stay focused and on schedule,

the second-generation Roadster is primed to set new marks.

The starting price for the standard model will be $200,000, with a base reserve of $50,000.

The cost of the Founders Series is $250,000. A Founders Series reservation is also required.