What Is the Basis for Ford's F-150 Lightning Truck Price Increase?

For the 2023 model year, the F-150 Lightning's price was significantly increased back in August

but, as CNBC noted in an earlier story, the Lightning is now much more costly to purchase.

The several all-electric truck models of Ford's well-liked F-150 Lightning have seen a major price increase

as part of the company's most recent set of revisions.Ford is increasing the cost of the F-150 Lightning Pro

its entry-level all-electric truck, by $5,000 as it battles protracted supply-chain interruptions and rising input prices.

For the 2023 model year, Ford Motor is increasing the base price of its electric vehicle

the F-150 Lightning pickup, by $5,000, citing escalating expenses and supply chain concerns.

According to Ford spokesperson Dan Barbossa, the price hikes only apply to the base model of the electric F-150 Lightning truck

and do not apply to any of the other, more fully equipped models.