What Is The Cost Of A Tesla On Your Electric Bill?

Take the whole amount of the previous month's electricity bill and divide it by the number of kWh used to obtain the precise cost per kWh.

It eliminates all costs and charges related to bringing electricity to your home.

Using the identical data on typical per-kWh costs for residential use,

Calculating the Tesla Model S's battery charging costs between 0% and 100% is possible.

Using the 15.42 cents per kWh national average for electricity costs and adding 15% to account for the inefficiency of home chargers,

The Tesla will cost between $8.82 and $17.65 to charge from 0% to 100%.

On Tesla's more affordable scale, a 50-kWh battery on a Standard Range Plus Model 3 will cost about $11.47 to fully recharge.

another trim will cost you about $18.82 for an 82-kWh battery.

Model and battery size determine how much it will cost to fully recharge, although assuming $0.14/kWh as the typical price in the US

According to Electrek, the majority of vehicles will cost $4 to $5 to recharge to 100 miles, assuming you are charging at home.

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