What Is The Main Problem With Tesla Cars?

Holubetz highlighted the substantial issues with Teslas Model 3 quality control and issues with its 2019 EV.

The problem is that the Model 3 is not as reliable as the Tesla X, which is not as reliable as the Tesla X.

 Most problems are attributed to the electric vehicles highly technical drivetrain.

The newest addition to Teslas line, the Model Y is getting off to a rough start after Consumer Reports gave the vehicle an A grade.

 Another massive problem that is holding owners back from having the car function as they expected,

According to one of the websites that collects those owners, involves Teslas customer service department.

One Tesla owner told the agency that their new Model 3 required a quick trip to a service center last year to have issues in the cars body panels fixed.

After being patient for some time about all these issues with a car costing so much,

this Tesla owner went on to say these issues about the quality of their brand-new Tesla,

And problems with the vehicle overall, were excessive.

 Take the vehicle to qualified mechanics, who can check suspension issues, problems with power steering, etc.

Tesla offers a variety of inspections and repairs as part of its warranty.