What Is The Price Of A Tesla Model Y's Insurance?

Tesla listed the ability to stream videos on the second-row screens under their list of premium connectivity capabilities.

According to Kelley Blue Book, the Tesla Theatre streaming video option only functions when the car is in park.

Tesla Theatre, a feature in software version 10.0, enables the larger display screen to play Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu films.

Thanks to an update on the Tesla website, we are now learning more

about the capabilities that are accessible for the second screen.

Netflix and YouTube will soon be streamable to the large touch-screen display in the Tesla's dashboard

but there will also be security measures in place to ensure that the corporation does not cause a catastrophe.

Drivers will be prompted to enable the dashboard camera system via the central touchscreen of their car

which will keep videos locally rather than uploading them to Tesla.

We can confirm that it is possible to get around the warning because

 a driver of a Tesla Model 3 can play Sky Force Reloaded without any problems when the car is in Drive mode.

Tesla acknowledged that it would turn off the feature that lets passengers use the central screen of their cars to play video games while they are driving.

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