What Is The Price Of A  Tesla Model Y's Insurance?

MoneyGeek discovered that the average total annual insurance expenses for  the Tesla Model Y are  $2,878 (as opposed to $6,060 every six months),

despite the fact that individual circumstances  do significantly affect premium variance.

 Compared to an average vehicle model, the annual cost of insurance for  a Tesla Model Y is $2,878  as opposed to $1,451.

It will often cost you $789 a year, or $66 a month,  to get the bare essentials  of auto insurance if you  drive a Tesla Model S  and your state's legal minimum is all you need.

Our data show that Progressive, with a median annual cost of $2,309,  is the least expensive car  insurance provider for  Tesla Model 3 drivers.

According to the person,  the value of each Tesla Insurance coverage varies,

depending on things like  their driving history and  other things that normally have an impact on  insurance premiums.

Tesla insurance costs  vary by model, but owners should also think about the  potential impact different trims have on auto  insurance rates when  buying a car.

Depending on the model, modifications, and  coverage levels you  choose, you can anticipate varying  insurance expenses  if you drive a Tesla Y.

Compared to many other premium vehicles, Teslas  are more expensive to  insure due to their higher accident insurance costs  and greater repair costs.

 Tesla intends to use its understanding of the safety features and partially automated driving ] technology of the Tesla

to lower insurance costs for drivers, particularly those using the company's Autopilot system.

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