What is the today price of a Tesla Cybertruck?

The Tesla Cybertruck was initially offered in three different trims with different MSRPs -

Single motor RWD – $49,900, Dual motor AWD – $59,900, Tri motor AWD – $79,900.

Although we've seen some prototypes driving around,

Cybertruck manufacturing has been delayed numerous times,

and we no longer know how much this EV behemoth will cost when it finally arrives.

The Cybertruck's price and specifications have been removed from Tesla's website as of October 2021.

Nevertheless, with Gigafactory Texas now operational, scaled production of the Cybertruck seems more likely than ever.

Tesla resumed taking bookings for the Cybertruck for North American customers only in May 2022.

Additionally, that just costs $100. We are still awaiting information regarding the Cybertruck production model,

which will subsequently be followed by official price... sometime.