What Is The Valet Mode On Tesla Model X?

Valet mode is an  integrated driver profile that lets you limit access to your car when giving the Tesla to a valet or to anyone else,

without worrying that they will drive the car in an unpredictable manner or get access where you do not want them.

Not only is its Valet mode handy for when you are letting outsiders, such as mechanics and valets,

If you ever questioned the value of Teslas Valet mode, which limits access to some features in the vehicle and limits maximum speeds, along with horsepower and acceleration, no longer will.

 drive your Tesla, it prevents younger, riskier drivers from driving fast or gaining access to potentially dangerous features such as Autopilot.

Most notably, their Valet mode limits the cars maximum speed to 70 miles per hour, and

 limits acceleration at 25 percent, which stops  a valet (or another unfamiliar driver) from turning on Teslas famous Autopilot mode.

 Taming speed demands is one of Teslas key features in Valet Mode,

 which initially limits Teslas Model S maximum  speed to 70 mph, with acceleration limited to 25 percent, or 80kW.

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