What kind of engine does the Chevy Copo Camaro Lt1 have?

Chevy's COPO Camaro, a model specifically designed for drag racing,

is back for the 2022 model year and will include three engines.

Chevy Performance introduced a 10.4L Z632 Big Block V8 with 1,004 horsepower at the crank as part of

the 2023 COPO Camaro programme. Chevy has only built 552 COPO Camaros since 2012 (just 69 per year),

making them an extremely rare production-race car. While a few engines have come and gone throughout the years,

since 2012, the 350 and 427 have consistently been the powertrain of choice for cars.

The original 4-cylinder Camaro engine was one of the engine choices in 1982; it had 88 horsepower and was available as

a base engine until the 1986 model year. The LT-based engine combined manufactured parts from

the LT1 and LT4 to offer longevity in addition to excellent performance.

Multiple Blue Rings
Multiple Blue Rings