What Qualifies As A New Prototype Tesla Model 3?

Since Tesla gave up the radar technology they had been using,

it had kind of been inevitable due to errors, embarrassing circumstances, and other causes.

That isn't the Model 3 prototype from 2024's oddest feature, though.

The discerning Tesla fan can see through the fabric on the front and back of the car

despite its best efforts to pass like a conventional Model 3.

The headlights on this prototype look very different.

The form of the headlamps is somewhat pushed out, out onto the fenders, and lengthened.

And that makes sense, given that the prototype's entire front end appears different in these pictures and videos.

The automobile has a somewhat more pointed design to boost aerodynamics, which is a good change that will considerably increase range.

For those who support Tesla, this is an important occasion. Teslas have always had a unique body form

but these new, major changes are raising some eyebrows.