What Secret Things Can A Tesla Do?

No vehicle has as many features or hidden settings as the Tesla, making the Tesla far more than a mere commuting car.

No auto brand, from EVs to gas-powered options, comes with as many hidden modes and settings as an EV company.

Almost every Tesla model has an option for activating Teslas Ludicrous mode, including Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y.

To unleash the cars driving capabilities, drivers must turn the car into Ludicrous mode.

 Dog owners who want to leave their dogs in the car for a little bit of time can do that by setting Tesla to Romantic Mode.

 It takes about a minute or so for it to restart, but you can keep driving Tesla as long as the touchscreen is restarting.

By opening up Teslas patents to the world, Tesla Motors is encouraging other auto companies to build more electric cars.

Tesla sells their cars direct from manufacturer, making Tesla one of the saddest of the automotive companies not being able to sell cars there.