What Sources Produce Tesla's Profit?

Due to the fact that selling its carbon credits was how Tesla generated revenue in the previous years, the company has come under fire.

Although sales of its vehicles and regulatory credits have brought in sizable sums for Tesla,

Due to manufacturing expenses and supply chain problems, earnings took some time to materialise.

Without considering the sales of emissions credits to other automakers, which was a significant accomplishment for the business, Tesla sold enough cars and power supplies to break even.

Even with its two models being discontinued, Tesla nevertheless had a successful quarter in Q1-2021.

with $10.4 billion in revenue and $438 million in net income.

Even with the regulatory credits income from sales, its gross automotive margin was $5.4 billion.

which contrasts the entire earnings from its automobile business with the costs directly associated with producing automobiles

The sales of emissions credits and the production of automobiles coexist.

Taking into account that Tesla must construct EVs in order to obtain the credits it then sells,

Opted showed investors how effectively selling state credits increased Tesla Inc.'s overall revenues.