What steps must I take to enable wireless charging on my Silverado?

Silverado Wireless Chevrolet Charging stops operating due to broken charging pads, an unsuitable device being used,

Maybe you are tripping over your phone covers, metal equipment, or navigational devices.

Two issues prevent an Android phone from wirelessly charging on a pad the majority of the time.

Many drivers must be somewhat surprised when, after acquiring a new vehicle with plenty of modifications,

They find that their wireless charging pad is not providing any power to their phones.

Check your device's specs to make sure your phone can be charged wirelessly.

Make sure there are no other things on the charging surface before using the wireless charger.

and your automobile is turned on, either in accessory mode or utilising the accessory power that was previously saved.

The wireless charging pad for the 2016–2017–2018 Chevrolet Volt is situated in the centre stack's vertical slot.

towards the back of the cup holders. Each night, I used the Belkin 3-1 MagSafe Charger without any problems.

I tried an older Belkin charging pad that I had had for a while in an effort to troubleshoot, and it worked just fine.