Which electric truck has the most capacity for towing?

The smallest and heaviest towing capacity offered by the top electric trucks are 3000 pounds (Alpha Wolf)

and 14,000 pounds, respectively (Tesla Cybertruck and Hercules Alpha).

 That position is only surpassed by the Rivian R1T electric pickup,

which has an 11,000-pound towing capacity, among the electric trucks currently on the market.

The Rivians R1T truck can tow more than 11,000 pounds, while the Rivians R1S SUV can pull 7,700 pounds, making both vehicles suitable for big-towers.

In a new Rivians R1T, towing around 9,000 pounds reduced our driving range by 45% on average,

 which is a little better than Rivians' estimates of a  50% reduction if you are towing the 11,000 pounds the truck is rated to pull.

The Rivian R1T is a stylish electric truck with supercar-like  acceleration, real  off-road prowess,

 and a towing capacity of up to 11,000 pounds, placing it on par with some of the greatest full-size trucks on the market right now.

 The Ford F-150 Lightning does not need to work nearly as hard as a comparable truck towing more than twice as much since pickup trucks have low load ratings.

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