Which Is Best For Long-Haul Trucking, Hydrogen Or Electric Truck?

Hydrogen advocates have long said that H 2 would be needed for long-haul,heavy-duty road haulage,

but the new report says that they have identified two more uses for which hydrogen trucks will offer an

advantage over battery-electric vehicles (BEVs). Volvo Trucks says hydrogen fuel cell technology will

best suit trucks driving extremely long distances, carrying extremely heavy loads, or without reliable electric charging.

Compared with battery storage, trucks running on hydrogen fuel can be fueled more quickly

and have less of a weight penalty, since the tanks weigh significantly less than batteries.

The batteries needed to power the 1-2 MWH trucks would weigh far more than either an entire tank of diesel fuel or the fuel cell setup,

which usually needs just a smaller battery with a 20-100 Kwh capacity to go along with the hydrogen.

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