Which is cheaper Tesla Model S or Model 3?

When it came to starting the manufacture of the entry-level Model 3, Tesla ran into trouble.

 Priority was first placed on constructing the more expensive models,

equipped with a larger battery pack and all-wheel drive, for several months.

Surprise! The price difference between the Model 3 and its larger brother,

the Model S, starts to close as soon as options are added.

While the Model S's base price is staggering $74,990, the Model 3 starts at just $37,990.

If you choose the Model S in Performance grade and add the optional....

$8,000 Autopilot package, the starting price will surpass $100,000.

Starting at $54,990, the top-of-the-line Model 3 with the dual motor and all-wheel drive system is available.

When AutoPilot is added, the price of a Model 3 approaches $62,990.

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