Which Tesla Model S  has the most range?

Like the Model S, Tesla's claimed range is  an estimate. For PS98,980, long-range is said  to traverse 360 miles

take 3.8 seconds to accelerate from  0 to 60 mph, and achieve a peak speed of 155 mph.

A model with Long Range Plus will likely go more than 520 miles if Tesla accomplishes it and if it adheres to the norms of the term.

The Plyde Model has a 0-60 mph acceleration  time of less than 3.0 seconds

 however the EPA estimates that the Long Range Plus model's driving range is 371 miles.

By 2020, the Model S Long Range Plus will be the first electric vehicle to  surpass the 400-mile mark, completing 402  miles on a single charge.

 When completely charged, the Tesla Model S Electric Vehicle (EV) has a range of 405 miles in the basic trim and 396 miles in the Plaid variant.

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